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Check The Number Of Hours Of Daily Driving In Bikes

The number of kilometers given in a brochure is of little use. It is better to speak in hours of driving per day . Indeed, depending on the country, the average speed can vary from simple to quadruple, depending on the type of road / track and the local driving style.

 Relaxing Trip

We have thus already experienced an official mileage of 150 kilometers for a day (mileage which was transformed after detours into 200 kilometers, which remains very reasonable according to our French criteria) which despite an early departure and without any tourist break and with a simple quick snack, noon ended with two hours of night driving! Not great when you think you have left for a relaxing trip / stroll by relying only on the very small number of only 150 kilometers!

Daily Mileage Averages Ranging From Simple To Quadruple

While in Western countries, one can easily count on averages of 90-100 km / h over a day (or more), in more exotic countries, the average can drop to less than 30 km / h . Track, sand, mountain roads, width of the road, state of the asphalt, pebbles, traffic conditions… are all elements that will influence the average, almost whatever the level of driving.

You say to yourself then? On track ok, but no problem if it is paved roads! Nay! Driving on track may be faster than driving on asphalt, if there is nobody on the track and if on the road there is heavy traffic, which can be further accentuated by the local driving style. We drove much faster on the tracks of Argentina than on the paved roads of India.

Check The Difficulty Level

Each country and each motorcycle trip includes different difficulties, related to the state of the roads, the number of kilometers to be covered each day, the quality of the assistance (equipment and mechanic) but also the competence of the guide (knowledge of the state of the roads which can vary according to the season, the rains, the temperature). Some roads can be easy in one season and challenging in another season (especially when the rain can make some sections impassable and you have to make huge detours to get through).