Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery: Before Or After Pregnancy?

Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery: Before Or After Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can leave aesthetic sequelae and a corrective surgery intervention may then be indicated long after childbirth.

Physiologically, women all react differently after pregnancy . Some manage to find their former body, others not. For the latter, the most common suites are:

  • localized and entrenched weight gain ( recalcitrant fatty deposits ),
  • the emptied breasts sagging ,
  • a withered skin and vergéturée in the stomach and abdominal muscles strained.

Women can, of course, only suffer from one of these disgraces. But after having lived 9 months of a sweet wait and having known the wonder of giving birth to a child, one can have a bitter awakening by considering the state of his body after this wonderful but exhausting experience.

How long after childbirth?

Ideally, one should wait a good year after childbirth before considering cosmetic surgery . This time is necessary for the body to recover gradually from this long adventure of pregnancy. The patient should return to a weight closest to her normal weight before an operation. In addition, the tissues need a few months after childbirth to retract sufficiently .

Note, some disgraces spontaneously get back to normal with time and rehabilitation, and it would be a shame to rush an intervention.

When an aesthetic or functional discomfort persists, an intervention whether for aesthetic or restorative purposes can then be considered.

An operation: before or after having a child?

Ideally, it is advisable to have completed your desire to have a baby (if that desire is imminent) before having surgery. Pregnancy is physiologically possible after an operation and can of course be conducted quite normally, but the changes in body shape caused by pregnancy could hinder the results of the operation.

Cosmetic surgery for localized fat

Following one or more pregnancies, it can be difficult to get rid of an overweight localized on a typical area of ​​the silhouette. It can be a fatty deposit located in the stomach , hips or at the level of the saddlebags, that neither a diet, nor the practice of physical activities can eliminate. If the skin has remained toned, with a good potential for retraction, liposuction is generally sufficient to restore the patient to a harmonious silhouette.

In cases where the skin is of poor quality, liposuction alone will not be sufficient and must be combined with a dermolipectomy.

The pregnancy apron and tummy tuck

In cases of distended bellies, with loose, poor-quality skin, an abdominal dermolipectomy (also called a tummy tuck or tummy tuck) may be considered . This is to perform a kind of belly lift. This intervention is often associated with a tightening of the abdominal muscles: it is the treatment of diastasis .

Treat stretch marks

Stretch marks are skin breaks and are indelible just like scars. When these stretch marks are located under the navel (which is frequent after childbirth) the surgical indication is to remove them by a tummy tuck.

We can limit (but not avoid) their appearance by early prevention, from the start of pregnancy, by limiting weight gain and by regular hydration.